Ancient Giant Virus and the growing body of evidence against Evolution.



After just reading an interesting article on a recently discovered “Giant” virus called Pithovirus, that was taken from Siberian Permafrost

a number of issues became pertinent since the virus could be revived and is now active.


The claim of 30,000 years sounds ridiculous considering the virus is now living even though it was embedded in permafrost, low oxygen and the absence of light.

In fact the very claim it was embedded in ancient permafrost does not seem to indicate to these blinkered, indoctrinated intelligent scientists, that for a virus to have survived any embedding, that embedding would have to have been some form of rapid burial event for it to have been preserved.

If it had been buried in a natural gradual layering of frost year after year, it would have deteriorated before the first year was up.

Also the fact that recent discoveries of a supposed “65 million year old” T Rex was able to provide DNA, haemoglobin, and numerous other fragile biological components or the soft tissue and proteins from a duckbilled dinosaur (still soft and stretchy), exposes the incredible myopic bias of modern “evolutionary” science in discounting the possibility of a young earth that underwent a catastrophic event like Noah’s Flood as depicted in numerous cultural traditions and stories.

The fact that “this giant virus” is more genetically complex to viruses today shows again that everything was created “good” and since the fall everything is following the law of entropy and decay.

This Pithovirus is said to be more genetically “diverse” with 500 genes and a previously discovered “giant virus” called Pandoravirus with up to 2500 genes, says it is closer to an original likened the first dogs prior to the development of less diverse breeds and their inherent weaknesses. Consider the HIV virus with only 12 genes.

(This raises concerns that these revived ancient viruses may be more virulent than the ones we have now if they are infectious to humans. This may become God’s way of pinning man’s technological advances down as we aggressively turn away from His grace and mercy and truth in Jesus Christ, to other religious fables like evolution, seeking our own lusts and passions and conveniently forgetting Him.)

Yet this next amazing quote seems to fly against the evidence the article itself provides,

“The idea that all viruses evolved from one common origin, I suspect is not true,” said Van Etten

Well they all have come from an original. Just not necessarily one “penultimate” universal virus, but one original penultimate virus “kinds” all who were designed to perform specific functions in creation.

It is the fall scenario that has corrupted them from performing their original tasks, though many still continue today to perform marvellous works which maintain our bodies, and our entire world.

In the Glorious Name of Salvation

Nathan S Bedford


2 thoughts on “Ancient Giant Virus and the growing body of evidence against Evolution.”

  1. I have a few observations I would like your comments on.

    1) The creation account appears to me not to be time but event or state based. That is, light and dark define day, not subjective time. At least until the sun was created. I do want to be precise and not go beyond what is written. Thus: I will argue with tenacity that Adam was created about 5985 years ago (it presently being “2015 AD”) from earth, and Eve created from Adam. But I will not argue that the Earth is 5985 years old. It is older; I don’t know how by how much.
    2) As evidence of change, I find it significant that circles have 360 degrees, not 365. The observable number of days in the year must have changed from 360 to the present…and biblically and prophetically this is supported by the Flood account which specifies a five month period as 150 days…giving months of consistently 30 days each. Something has definitely changed, though the evidence remains.
    3) I see in Elijah’s encounter with Baal a spiritual principle and prophetic type. As the Law quoted by Paul says: “in the mouths of two or three witnesses let every matter be established.” Also, that dirty things are to be washed with water unless they can handle fire, in which case they should go through the fire. (There are many things which come to mind here including baptisms). Back to Elijah: twelve stones, a trench, three dunkings of four buckets each, a fire that consumes everything including the altar and the water. I see (among other things) a description of Earth’s history and future…which implies three prior inundations, not just the two otherwise obvious: the waters over which the Spirit of God hovered prior to “Let there be light!” and Noah’s flood. This giving additional meaning to God’s promise of no more floods…being both a promise and a judgment i.e. that the water dunkings did NOT clean the Earth even after THREE water baptisms, thus its destruction by fire being assured.
    4) This being so, and taking an analogy from deep sea life (the deeper you go, the uglier they get…a bit like man’s heart): Why are reptiles so repugnant to normal human beings? Why is Satan pictured as a serpent, a dragon, a Leviathan? If the reconstructed appearances of ‘dinosaurs’ are accurate, are they not more indicative of demonic life rather than Godly? I mean to say, look at what human beings are doing to themselves now in intentionally marring themselves and pushing the bounds of ugliness continually further downward.

    I posit from this all that there are things the scriptures have not fully revealed regardless creation’s past…before God’s Spirit was hovering over the waters. Why can there not have been separate creations, separate judgments, of which Satan’s rebellion became a part, and all culminating in a completely new creation just over 1000 years from now?

    Do you see this too, or is this just ‘compromise’?

  2. That’s food for thought, what if the dinosaurs were somekind of hybrid being which never made it onto the ark? Although I believe there is evidence of relatively recent accounts of dragons, or dinosaurs… Check out Trey smith, he has some very entertaining video’s in a similar thread.

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